Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spread the Love

I've been thinking a lot about Valentine's Day... As a florist I want it to be a big day for business.

But as someone who has been single for a long time, I have a love/hate relationship with the holiday.

On one hand, it conjures up bad images of "Hallmark", cheesy dates, carnation sales in middle school and all things shrink wrapped red and shiny. Valentine's Day - like attending weddings - has in the past pronounced the fact of being "single" or of being in the wrong relationship (much much worse than being single).

On the other hand, I love the day. It is a veritable almost-spring version of Thanksgiving - a day to celebrate all the people you love.

So this year, instead of just celebrating a significant other or being frustrated by the lack of one - consider celebrating all your significant others: friends, family members, pets, etc. Even if they, like me, outwardly shrug off the day, secretly they will be honored.

You don't buy have to buy anything - send emails, pick up the phone or make cards....

but if you do happen to want to send flowers - call me!