Friday, January 15, 2010


Today feels like spring! 70 degrees in northeast Florida after two weeks of very cold weather. I started daydreaming about the garden (or future garden) in the backyard of our hopefully soon to be new home. This is a crazy project - but one I am super psyched about. The garden is overgrown in some places - dead in others... and a bit overwhelming to begin to envision what it might be.

I feel that it has the potential to become what I most loved about Charleston - an eclectic, warm and inviting always changing garden that surprises it's visitors at every twist and turn.

I am a bit scattered in my sense of style. I love modern lines, simple, uncluttered spaces, english gardens overflowing with perennials, vintage vases, old books, warehouse lofts, industrial design, window boxes, black and white and lots of color... how this will all come together in a cohesive garden is a bit unclear.

As we don't own the house yet... I'll continue to daydream. Here are a few sources of my garden, landscape and exterior design inspiration:

Flora Grubb Gardens
The owner of this San Fran garden center, Flora Grubb, is seriously my idol. Amazing garden center, amazing sense of style and design... and freakin' killer name.

Islandscape Landscaping
The owner of this landscape design firm in Charleston, Greg Watkins, is a friend and an idol of mine. He has taught me more about plants than I thought I'd ever know. Check out his amazing work.

Petersham Nurseries
This nursery in England is so what I wanted A New Leaf Studio to become I can't stand it. All of my favorite things in one place: flowers, plants, a cafe, etc.

Glenn Certain Studio
This floral design studio in my new neighborhood is amazing! Yea Jacksonville!