Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Year... A New Life... A New Leaf

2010 feels like a breath of fresh air and the beginning of a new era. Big stuff... I've closed my flower shop, moved to Florida and gotten married.

Closing the doors of A New Leaf Studio was hard to do. My dream. When I was 10 I told my mom that I wanted to own a flower shop. If you've known me since - you've probably heard me talk about it or you've seen one of my business plans.

I took a leap in 2007 and left a great job to give it a whirl... probably one of the best things I've ever done.

I loved working for myself... loved the creativity of it... working with people.... the marketing of my dream, the ego boost from doing a good job and the joy of making someone happy.

I did not so much love working every Saturday until midnight... cleaning flowers... trying to make a profit... and the anxiety I felt about other people's weddings.

When a mentor of mine asked - "would you still be doing this if money wasn't an issue"... I realized I would definitely keep the business but I'd stop doing weddings... and since weddings were 80% of my business things needed to evolve.

So for now - in the name of love and change - I've taken a hiatus from the flower biz and am rethinking the plan. I intend to focus on small personal projects - like our garden and my dear friend Jenny's wedding flowers in April.

So this blog evolves with A New Leaf... as spring emerges (which comes early in Florida I presume) - I'll use this as a place to post things I learn about gardening, floral design, and interesting tricks of the trade. Who knows - maybe A New Leaf Studio - phase II will unveil itself in the process.